A unique aggregated oncology data set and analytic platform allowing subscribers to evaluate, develop and refine oncology care pathways.

RainTree Oncology has developed a best in class data set and technology platform that transforms clinical oncology data into actionable information. This unique, aggregated data compilation represents RainTree’s nationwide footprint of community oncology practices. The OncoExplorer platform, and related analytics, enable research scientists to follow the complete patient journey. This comprehensive, national data compilation is fully secured, and HIPAA and HITECH compliant.

OncoExplorer for Pharma is transforming the way the pharmaceutical industry is viewing and analyzing clinical oncology data.

Data Dictionary

The RainTree Analytics suite of products leverages a data dictionary that maximizes business value and aligns with regulatory requirements. Through the application of safe harbor compliance for commercial teams, the combination of limited data sets and data use agreements, and finally outside expert certification, RainTree ensures the protection of patients, member practices and our customers by being strictly HIPAA and HI-TECH compliant.

Dosing Strategy

Adjustments to chemotherapy dose are occasionally required to improve efficacy or decrease therapeutic side effects. RainTree Analytics data permit longitudinal tracking of chemotherapeutic dosing at the patient and aggregate levels; these data permit quantitative analysis of therapeutic switching of agent as well as dose. Detailed analytics derived from these data, and comparisons to existing guidelines and other clinical information are available.

NME Support

View the complete payer setting at product launch by Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA). Drill down into a specific MSA, understand who the payers are and how your product is performing post launch. Identify hot spots needing immediate attention, as well as how many days your product in a receivable by payer. Understand denial codes by frequency of occurrence and inform your strategy to address specific MSA needs.

Market Share Analysis

Understand your products performance within the RainTree universe of physicians versus the market basket. Visible year over year, quarter over quarter, month over month, or week over week. This data is granular down to the practice, and refreshed weekly with only a two week lag time to understand sales performance. Immediate feedback on marketing strategies with the ability to adjust mid-stream based on market performance or new product entries.

"The RainTree data base provides immediate access to a nation-wide footprint of oncologists, enabling us to rapidly recruit and enroll patients into our clinical research studies. This robust warehouse of information provides a more complete picture of the patient journey, from diagnosis to present day, taking us one step closer to the true cost of care and clinical outcomes."

− Global VP of Pharma Business Development - UBC

Landmark Clinical Oncology Analytics


Nationwide Representation

The RainTree Analytics suite of products is unique in the marketplace, providing a nationwide footprint of community oncology based clinical data. Bringing data from a real world setting to accelerate innovative oncology treatments and improve patient’s lives.


Following the Patient Journey

Visualizing the cancer treatment journey across clinical encounters including diagnoses, prescriptions, procedures and lab values differentiates RainTree in the marketplace. This unique clinical oncology dataset provides a single source for data, analysis and results across the healthcare ecosystem.